Blog is a Bad Word – Blog is a bad word, worse than bloated, and bulemic, and baloney . . . and, well, you get the idea?  I don’t like people who blog about baloney.  It’s borish, and boring.  So I put together to give you something useful, if you’re so generous with your time as to read my blog in the first place.  My blog is a tribute, my way of giving back to the world that I plunder when I write.Lower East Bollywood

Why I Blog – I’m interested in more than just writing romantic suspense novels.  I’m a culture junkie and geography addict.  I’m interested in the people and places–the worlds–that drag me kicking and screaming from my comfort zone.  Like Dubai, UAE.  My gawd, I thought I was bigtime when I went to Dollywood in my teens.  But Bolliwood?  It’s like Manhattan or Miami on crack.  It’s a writer’s dream world.  Just think of the trouble my characters can get into there.  Imagine the suspense.

Dubai is the setting for my current work-in-progress, which I’ve titled Excess.  My previous novel, titled Valley of Dry Bones, is set in Jerusalem, with excursions by my Mossad romantic hero into the West Bank. 


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