RWA Academic Grant Recipients, 2013. Congrats to An Goris and Jayashree Kamble

Teach Me Tonight: Winners: RWA Academic Research Grant 2013 – Mozilla Firefox. Congrats to 2013 RWA grant recipients.  And thanks, as always, to Teach Me Tonight, keeping us all informed about advances within our beloved romance genre.  Image


Used to, I’d read about this grant and wonder who’n heck are these folks?  Who researches romance. 

Upon enlightenment (very recently), I discovered there’s a movement in higher ed to study romance and its impact on our world.  On the leading edge of academic research into romance?  Teach Me Tonight. 

This blog on “Romance Fiction from an Academic Perspective” keeps me fascinated and, yes, motivated to write romance.  And to think, a while back many writers hid their talent for writing romance. 

Proud to follow this blog, and even prouder to congratulate the winners.  An.  Jayashree.  Go!


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