Give to the world the best you have . . . and the best will come back to you.

Being a writer keeps me humble.  I realize my piece of the world’s knowledge is negligible.  What isn’t so small is how I express what I know.  To “wow” you with my keen artistic sensibility?  Nah, not me.  I’ll save that for the in-person meetups, and hope you find me interesting.

I write romantic suspense and true crime novels.  My goal is to give you an exciting ride that will sustain you for a few hours–after which you may jump off–if I’ve made you more aware of the potential darkness, and the absolute good–the love–that exists in unexplored corners of our world.

What matters?  To me, people matter.  You matter.  If you like what you read, you’ll stay in touch.  If I’m really good, my stories will one day find their way into the usual places:  Goodwill shelves,  dusty boxes in estate sales, wherever.  Maybe one or two will become part of your permanent collection.

Valley Of Dry Bones

My contribution?  My contribution is writing novels that take you on journeys to places outside your comfort zone.  I get to have fun doing the research and writing.  You get to visit new places and cultures, while enjoying a great suspense novel.

My latest novel, Valley of Dry Bones

I’ve completed Valley of Dry Bones.  It’s a romantic suspense set in Jerusalem and the West Bank.  Right now, I’m shopping it, looking for an agent and a publishing home.  I’m now writing Excess, set in Dubai, and collaborating on a true crime novel.


5 responses to “About

    • Christina Cunningham, thank you so much for these warm words of encouragement. Sometimes when I write, I picture in my mind the perfect reader, and often, I see you! Thank you. You’ve made my day!

  1. Can’t wait to read the completed Valley of Dry Bones AND I know you’ve also completed Jump the Line! Good luck, Mary. You are a fantastic writer. I hope everyone who comes to this space reads your work.

  2. Any gal who lives on a farm called “Mucky Manor” doesn’t have to convince me that “Being a writer keeps me humble.” As one writer sitting across the “What matters” table from another, all I can say is, “Pass the muck!”

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